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Indisk Emporium RS  
organization setup in Bergen(Norway) keeping in mind a sort of channel between Bergen and India. As the world
has become smaller and smaller with latest technology every one
wants to have things from around the world.

We are directly importers of goods from India and
have direct channel there with the manufacturers so we can provide the products with good price and good quality.

We can also provide our services to import products from India.

Our's Products & Services:




We have most of things hand made like carved

wooden gift articles, marble articles, hand made jewelery

We also have garments of sequence and other European

styled cotton garments.

Eye bryn forming using thread

We have Indisk Salong where we use Aurvedic products also forming of eyebrow using thread a very special method


Ayurvedic Products

Ayurveda meaning 'science of life,' is a traditional branch of medicine belonging to India. The ayurvedic therapies are so effective that it has become popular all over the world as alternative medicine.




Bally Dance Dress & Belt


We deal with a wide collection of designer garments like Kurtas, Tops,bale dress. It enhances the beauty of ladies of all age groups with its sleek designing and patterns. Proper stitching of these ladies garments is an added attraction and is quite popular in the fashion industry.




Jewellery is a broad term used to describe a wide range of ornaments worn on the body as adornments. Different ornaments have been worn throughout history by every culture in the world.jewellery has been part of the Indian civilization since ancient history.



Yoga refers to traditional physical and mental
disciplines that originated in India. The word
is associated with meditative practices in Hinduism,
Buddhism and Jainism.



Indian product's in Bergen(Norway)

Indisk selling a large variety of Indian products line ,
but also traditional Indian goods are here.

For beauty culture we are using Shahnaz Husain product's means herbal cosmetics, particularly skin care products

more about Shahnaz Hasain visit in www.shahnaz.in

Customer Care

0047-55960600 , 0047 99404191, 0047 90273717

Tverrgaten 13,Marken 5017,Bergen(Norway)